Taking Care of Your Business

It's hard to know just how your business needs to be insured and what you should be insuring for. But don't worry, today we're going to go over all your questions.

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At Unistar Insurance we have different options and programs to meet your needs.
Our staff have many years of experience to help you compare different carriers and identify an affordable, quality provider that is best for business insurance plan while meeting your budgetary constraints.

Liability insurance

Also known as Commercial General Business Liability, to protects your company's assets
and medical costs. For instance, if someone gets hurt on your property, there are property damages, or injuries caused by you or your employees.  At Unistar Insurance we have many different plans and options to assist you in finding the right plan within your budget.


Whether your business is small or large, most states require employers to purchase an insurance policy to handle their statutory obligations to workers who are injured or ill due to work.  Workers compensation insurance will help you by provides benefits to employees for work related injuries.  Coverage includes medical care as well as a portion of lost wages when the employee is unable to work.


Commercial property includes office buildings, industrial, retail, restaurant,apartment, land, hotel, hospital, medical, self storage and many more.  This insurance protect some of the important aspects of your business such as your building, outdoor sign, furniture and equipment, inventory, fence and landscaping, and others' property.